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If you are a carer, who is helping and looking after you? 

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If you are a Carer or have a Carer they may be entitled to support including financial help. In the first instance please let the surgery know so we can update our records as we keep a register of patients and their carer. Since the Care Act 2016 almost all carers are entitled to an assessment where previously there were restrictions. Please make the most of this entitlement. Please click on this link for an online application form to be assessed by Liverpool City Council. It’s really straightforward and we want to ensure you are supported for your hard work and sacrifices in looking after your loved one. If you have any difficultly in doing this and unsure don’t hesitate to speak to our practice staff who are trained in supporting you with this.

Support Services For Carers


We recognise that carers need support to be able to help the patient especially at difficult times especially when the Carer is a relative.

Are You a Carer?

There is a wealth of information on NHS Choices about carers and caring. Below are some links into the site that we hope you will find useful.

Caring for a parent at home

Watch the video on caring for a parent at home. In the video, Claire and her family talk about the decision to care for her mother at home.

Housing for carers

Finding appropriate housing, or adapting either your home or the home of the person you care for, can make your life as a Carer a lot easier.

Contact Carers Direct

Telephone: 0808 802 0202
Helpline Information
Office Hours:
Lines are open:
8am to 9pm Monday to Friday,
11am to 4pm at weekends.
Calls are free from UK landlines.

Money and Legal

Help claiming benefits, looking after your bank balance and understanding the legal issues of caring.

Benefits for carers

As a Carer you may be able to claim several benefits. There are three main types...

Benefits for the person you care for

The person you care for may be entitled to several benefits because of their condition and circumstances. It can be difficult to identify exactly which benefits they might be able to claim.

Death and benefits

As well as the emotional effects of the death of someone you cared for, there will be practical matters to deal with. Your own benefits may be affected, and you'll need to notify the agencies that were paying benefits or tax credits for the person who has died. There are also benefits to help with funeral costs.

Managing someone's legal affairs

There may be a time when you need to make decisions for the person you care for because they're unable to do so.

Other benefits

You, or the person you're looking after, may be entitled to benefits to top up your income, so it's worth checking to see if you're eligible. These benefits can be claimed by you or the person you're looking after, or both of you, depending on your circumstances.

Personal and house hold finance

This section contains information to help you and the person you look after make the most of your money.

Social fund

The Social Fund is intended to help you with living costs that aren't covered by your weekly benefit payments.

Tax credits

You, or the person you're looking after, may be entitled to tax credits. These tax credits can be claimed by you or the person you're looking after, or both of you, depending on your circumstances. The word 'you' in these pages refers to whoever is claiming the benefit.